Sunday, April 29, 2007


It's absolutely beautiful here this weekend. Yesterday I went out for a spirit picking up walk. It was a tough week and I needed to get my head back on straight. It was good. Today we did almost 7 miles on our bikes (not very much to those who are serious) while riding around looking for houses for sale and open houses. But boy, did that kick my butt, it wasn't a very fast ride, but I'm tired nonetheless. But it definitely fits my mission of trying to work more exercise into my daily life.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

bad blogger

Oh no. I am a very bad blogger. It's been well over a month since I last blogged here. I've been pretty busy the last month or so, but I think mostly that's because I've sort of been stuck. My weight has remained steady since my initial loss and I've been trucking along with exercise. A couple of things have happened, so here's the down and dirty update.
  • I've now finished two 5K races. I did do the one on St. Patrick's day even though it was freezing cold and snowing, my sister-in-law and I walked it and I finished in just over 45:00. I did another one on April Fool's Day (which I just tried to type foo's day, which is sort of funny) which took me a little longer, but I'm working on the exercising outdoors thing. It's very different than the treadmill. Of course people tried to tell me this, but I also of course did not believe them.
  • Other than a blip of a splurge around Easter, my weight has held steady, which is an accomplishment.
  • I've held steady with pilates and continue to lose inches even though I have not lost pounds. I try and do go (most weeks) twice a week.
  • When I told my friend Laura that I did a 5K and I was attempting to run, she too wanted to run and we're about at the same fitness level and she has agreed to run with me once a week for variety. Although she's had some personal life blips over the last 2 weeks, I think once that stuff has resolved itself, we'll be back to at least once a week if not more.
  • I tried on a dress that was altered to fit me at 16. This was a bizarre experience. It fits me on the bottom almost as well as it did at 16. On the top, however, I was about 4-5 inches from being able to close it. Wow what a difference 10 years makes. Though the fitting on the bottom does make me feel a little bit better about my current status.
  • My brother (and sister-in-law) and I (and Dustin) are splitting a CSA share. This means that a lovely southern Ohio farmer will bring us fresh, in-season produce once a week at the farmer's market. I'm excited about this and learning how to cook new veggies. I'm also attempting to grow some herbs from seed. I hope that next year I will be able to grow veggies in my backyard....When I have my own backyard.
I feel pretty good about where I'm at. I'm still trying to make strides at being a more active person and a healthier eater. I had a great conversation with my friend Anna this weekend about exercise and really trying to be a whole person. It helped a lot to hear that other people struggle with the same things I do especially about eating. No, I can't have egg rolls and fried food and expect to lose weight, but making movement part of my life is doable. When it's nice out, I at the very least try to take a walk, I'm enjoying being outside more and I'm looking forward to maybe biking more often too (I really need a basket for my bike if I want to run errands on my bike and my bike is about 13 years old and not so comfy for me any more).

So yay, today I feel like I'm on an up note about all of this. AND I'm very proud to have talked myself out of eating an egg roll this afternoon when I really wanted one. Despite the fact that I was not able to get any one on the phone to distract me.