Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I finally understand....

As a warm up for the work writing I need to do while I'm stranded at home in the snow today, I thought I'd update. It's cliche, but it's been too long. Things have been going fairly well. The number on the scale has stalled and I've crashed on the eating front, but have been slowly steering myself back on track and I've also stuck with the exercise. I'm very proud that I finished my first full 20 minute run yesterday without stopping. It was very good. go me. 1.9 miles. I feel very accomplished, if you ever told me I'd even come close to running 2 miles I would have called you crazy. But I did it and only marginally wanted to die at the end of it.

However, I now know why people toss their cookies when they finish a run or in the middle of a run. Last Thursday and last night before I ran I clearly had too much for dinner. Thursday was the worst, I was nearly doubled over in pain from the stomach cramps. Clearly, a burrito (even a homemade small burrito) was not the best choice before working out. I thought I was going to die. Last night when I was done I just thought I was going to throw up. I thought I had eaten a small enough dinner last night. I guess I need to try again. I'm usually fine on Saturday mornings when I run before pilates, I have just oatmeal or 1 toaster waffle and a couple of breakfast sausage.

It's both good and bad that I'm totally feeling the effects of what I'm eating. I know when I've had too much sugar by the fact that I drag all day or just feel like I have no energy. There's a world of difference when I'm eating well and healthy. I have more energy, I need less sleep and the exercise is easier. It's just been difficult for me to get back on the wagon after crashing. I know I need to, it's just better.

In other news, I updated my workout play list and that has helped keep me motivated to keep running. I'd definitely love suggestions for great upbeat songs to add, as I seem to be stuck in a music rut. Current favorites on the list are:

-Mr. Brightside and Somebody Told Me, The Killers
-Copa de la Vida, Ricky Martin
-Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow, Fleetwood Mac
-Shoebox, BNL
-Maria, Blondie

I need something with a fairly fast, consistent beat. It helps me feel more like I'm dancing than running. I'm totally that person on the treadmill lipsyncing along to my music. There are days where I feel like Phoebe from that episode of Friends where she does the crazy running through Central Park. I think I need a shirt to run in that says on the back "I'd rather be dancing."

Even with minor set backs on the eating front, I feel like I'm working toward my goal of being healthier. I feel like I have a pretty good picture of what that feels like as far as exercise and eating. Even if the number isn't moving, my body really is reshaping. Other than a few very stressful days last week, I've not put off going to the gym and have really begun to enjoy my pilates classes. I also get annoyed when all the treadmills are full and I have to do something else besides running. Sticking with all of it is a little harder, but I think it will come with time as I enjoy feeling better as I eat better and exercise.

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