Saturday, May 19, 2007

The farmer's market

Today was the first day of my neighborhood farmer's market. Our CSA had emailed us to let us know that they thought they would only have flowers for us today, but when I got there, they also had bok choy for us. I've never had bok choy, so it will be a new adventure. The farmer recommended it in a salad or steamed. Since I've usually heard about it in stir fry or chinese food, I might have to make stir fry this week.

I also purchased some thyme, rosemary, and basil. I absolutely love the smell of basil. I think I would bathe myself in basil. Last summer I was obsessed with pesto sauce.

A quick survey of the market also had several other produce stands (still not a ton of produce yet, because it's early here in Ohio) and someone with eggs. I've been reading about fresh eggs and how they are supposed to be tastier than the stuff you get at the grocery. They had various varieties and I may have to try some different stuff.

I also tried Qdoba today for the first time. I love Chipotle, and allow an indulgence sometime for Chipotle since they so have quality ingredients and you can tell. Qdoba is new here, so I thought I would try it out. While tasty in that fast-foody way, I could tell it was not as quality as Chipotle who's guacamole haunts my dreams. I might try it again when I could eat in and have the cheese sauce which my friend says is the best part about Qdoba to him. So, that doesn't necessarily fit my mission, but at the same time, my mission is about balance. Which means the occasional indulgence.

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The Baklava Queen said...

Bok choy is absolutely wonderful in a stir-fry! I like it with sweet potatoes, but at this time of year you might try it with asparagus and carrots.

I adore basil! A friend was telling me the other day about harvesting a truck-load of basil before frost last year, and I nearly swooned. Oh, the pesto I could make with that!!!

I like the concept behind your blog... keep up the good work! :-)