Saturday, May 26, 2007

more farmer's market fun

I think I'm getting into the farmer's market groove. This was week 2 of our (small, about 10 stands) farmer's market. This week from the CSA, more bok choy* and flowers, but also a small amount of broccoli and green onions. Yum. I also bought 1/2 dozen eggs from the egg people (, lettuce, and some local honey. I was reading on a website that someone in MO had strawberries at their farmer's market. I'm jealous, I can't wait for the berries. I'm still splurging at the grocery for berries. I also bought some parsley to grow with the rest of my herbs.

I do have to say that I love the atmosphere of the local farmer's market, I get to ask questions, like which honey is best for my allergies, and can I get a half dozen eggs. Plus, it's way more fun than the supermarket. I just felt better being there.

With all this fabulous fresh produce, I've been doing pretty well with eating healthy although it continues to be stressful at work and a splurged for dinner Thursday night and yesterday for lunch and I had to open a bottle of wine last night. It just seemed like the thing to do on a Friday night for dinner after a long week.

Exercise too has been difficult. The weather turned very warm this week, and with my asthma, getting outside to exercise in the warm weather is difficult because of my breathing. I did make it to the gym but I'm trying to get on my bike more, because I just love biking and our bike path is shaded and pretty flat so it doesn't get too hot.

My in-laws are coming this weekend, so I'm making cookies. I've had a terrible urge to bake. Something about following directions and a concrete product soothes me. Plus, you get to eat the results. I'm making Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (I don't remember the exact name) from Baking: from my house to yours by Dorie Greenspan. I have yet to make anything from this book, though it's beautiful to look at. I love cookbooks. Plus the recipe that the Baklava Queen posted sounds fabulous. I might have to try it if I can get some lavender from my brother.

*Which last week I put in stir fry and came out pretty good. To me, it didn't taste like much, but I'll take veggies that don't taste like much that I put in something and they give me fabulous nutrients

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