Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Oh people out there in blogger land! Has it really been since July 10!?! I can't believe that. This summer has just flown by. I have really enjoyed it and especially making it to the farmer's market almost every weekend. I've even learned to roast an eggplant! Alas, it's been a very tough month for me personally in ways I'd prefer not to share with the big wide internet world. (see also dooce).

I have really struggled to stay healthy this last month and I know that I need to share that with you all too, not just when I'm feeling great and staying on track. But I do feel a certain amount of guilt about it. My birthday definitely helped pack on the pounds but due to some restraint the past weeks, I'm finally regaining control. Realizing that I can be centered and focused in a storm and not want to eat ice cream all the time is a big step for me. I've also been taking walks as a way to destress at the end of the work day and leave work at work.

I am also working on some ways to integrate this healthy lifestyle into my life in a more streamlined way. Stay tuned. I hope!

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The Baklava Queen said...

I hear you, Alyssa... and the weather we've had lately has not made exercise seem all that palatable. Just keep on trying... each day you get a chance to start over again and give it your best shot!

(Now, if I can remember to tell myself that...)