Saturday, January 5, 2008

Things I want to do in 2008

Wow. I started this a year ago with my resolution to be a healthier person without worrying about the number. Many things have changed since last year. Some of which I hope to be posting about soon. But things I would like to do in 2008. I'm trying to limit these to things that are measurable and are end actions in and of themselves.:
  1. Run a 5k. I did several 5ks last year, which I'm very proud of, but I didn't run any of them. This year, I would like to be able to finish one in under 45 mins which has been my average time. I'm well on my way since I've joined a new gym (since we moved and the other was no longer convenient) and have been running on the treadmill already. I've even managed to run the majority of the 30 minutes. A heart rate monitor has helped tremendously with this. I now know when it's time to slow down a little and when I'm just being a wimp.
  2. Go dancing. Husband and I take ballroom dancing classes which are great fun and we go to the dances our studio offers occasionally on the weekends, but I would love to go out dancing and show off my stuff.
  3. Have a yoga routine. New Year's Day I went to my friend Lori's restorative yoga session at Alpha State and it was wonderful. I felt relaxed and flexible and centered even if I was hungover. It reminded me how much I miss yoga. I will do this more often.
  4. Read 36 books this year. I got close in 2006, not so much in 2007. I hope to be closer in 2008.
Habits I want to cultivate in 2008:
  1. Be active. Everyday. 30 minutes. This will be hard for me. I like to make excuses, but for many reasons (some of which I will share with you in an upcoming post) I need to do this. No questions asked, 30 minutes a day.
  2. Eat healthy and as local as possible. For me, this means few refined carbohydrates, lots of fruits and veggies, and good for me protein. I'm trying to source as much of this as local as possible. I'm learning to eat more in season and like more vegetables. I've recently learned to love cabbage a whole bunch. Sauerkraut, cabbage salads, fried cabbage (well not really fried, but wilted in a pan with butter, kind of like you would noodles). In the end this is good for me and the environment.
  3. Garden. I'm not sure when and if I mentioned this, but husband and I have a new (to us) house. It doesn't have a huge yard, but it's big enough. I have plans to take care of and tame the garden this summer. I also want to grow more of my own food. Last year I grew herbs and tomatoes in pots on our (apartment) deck. This year, more herbs, I'm going to attempt greens and am already thinking about what else I might want to grow. I'm trying to start small and not get overwhelmed. Also, I'm a realist and remember how much I didn't like weeding at my parents' house. Somehow this seems different since it's mine.
  4. Ride my bike more. I live 1.8 miles from work. Surely I can manage to ride my bike to work a few days a week when the weather is nice. We also live very close to lots of lovely restaurants and downtown. I hope both husband and I will be riding more often.
  5. Watch less tv. We gave up TV for December. It was an interesting experiment. Husband and I decided that we watched too much tv and needed a change. So we stopped. The only exception was How I met your mother and due to the writers' strike, it only aired 1 time in December. I found I had a lot more time to read and do other things. The first week was difficult, mostly because we had watched tv when there was nothing else to do. After that it wasn't so bad. We're continuing on into the new year with 1 hour a night on weeknights and video games only on weekends.
  6. Floss. This should be self explanatory. I need to do it more often.
  7. Be better about not getting behind on things. I'm notorious for sending birthday cards, presents and all sorts of things late. I'm just not good about it. I feel bad about this. I want to be better about it as I know it brightens people's day when they get a card, etc. Also, I know it drives my husband batty when I take forever to put away my laundry and it makes me nuts to go more than a week without sweeping the floors (we have hardwood, the dust bunnies threaten to take over if I wait longer than that). Less avoidance, more doing. In the end it's better, just like going to the gym, but I just have to make myself do it.
  8. Blog, hopefully once a week. Honestly dear readers, I like to blog, but only when I'm the center of attention (I'm a leo, go figure) and I've discovered I'm not good at digging deep and sharing things that are a little bit scary, which in the end, sharing a part of myself is the part of what makes a blog good. I think I've been scared by all the stories about people who got fired for blogging about their jobs or people who have had ramifications by blogging too intimately about their life. I'm not sure what to do about that, but I want to be more open and honest about my processes in hopes that it will help someone else out there. So I need to get brave (and real, though I find that expression overused).
  9. Remember that I rule, just as I am, right now. All of the above are great things and yes, they will enrich my life, but I want to do them because I want to do them, and not have them become things that I torture myself over. They are aspirations and if I do them just a little more frequently than I did last year, I'll be happy. In the end, I want to be having fun with my life and hopefully I can continue to do all of these things and have fun.
Because these things will require talents and skills and things that I already possess, I want to remind myself of the things that I already have that will help me accomplish these goals. Because, after all I started this blog as my goal being health and a healthy way to think about my life instead of a negative way. So, things I already possess that will help me toward these goals:
  1. A loving and supportive husband. He really is fabulous.
  2. A new and comfy bike I got for my birthday last year. Thank you fabulous husband and his mom and boyfriend.
  3. A gym membership.
  4. I enjoy working out, I feel better afterward. Getting there is often the hard part, but remembering that somewhere, deep down, I do enjoy the challenge of just 5 more minutes or running just a little bit longer or faster.
  5. The knowledge of how to be a healthier person and what to eat and how to eat.
  6. The time and resources to give to many of these things.
Well, happy 2008. I think it's going to be a good year. I wish you all happiness and health for it!

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The Baklava Queen said...

Great goals, Alyssa... and ones you can keep working on, even if you have an occasional setback. Go you! :-)

Thumbs up for the dancing... I finally went to the local contra dance (I'd been meaning to do it for a couple of years) and had the best time ever. Can't wait until the next one!