Sunday, December 31, 2006

January goals

So, here it is December 31. I said I'm going to make a set of goals for each month to reach my goal of being a healthier me by the end of 2007.

For me, the definition of healthy is participating in regular physical activity at least 30 minutes a day, but hopefully 60; eating healthfully by ditching the refined grains, refined sugars, and eating fruits and veggies and lean protein and making decisions about my body and health because they are the healthy decision not because they taste good or because I'll lose weight if I eat them.

So, to go toward those goals, my January goals are:
  1. Exercise 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. To measure whether I've reached my goal, I'm going to take the total number of times I've worked out for January. That means 30 minutes for 12-17 times total and I will have reached my goal.
  2. Follow the 30-day plan ( to get my eating back on track. I know this isn't necessarily about weight loss, but at this point, I just need my regular pants to fit again. So I will be doing the 30-day plan to remind myself how to each proper portions and set me on my way toward eating healthy, and Oh, the ever important dropping of holiday weight.
There it is, I'll be stopping in to give updates about how I'm doing and probably moan a little when I'm having a bad day or need some motivation.

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toughcookie7 said...

Hey Alyssa! It's Alison from LJ -- just wanted to say hi from my "other" blog. ;)