Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Weekend Report

So, Christmas is over and now I just have New Year's left to navigate before I begin the big push. How did I do this weekend? I think my record is pretty much 1-2. Saturday we had many Christmases with Dustin's family. We had breakfast out with his mom at Bob Evans. I had turkey sausage, egg beaters, and 2 biscuits. Pretty darn good for Bob Evans (where it's nearly impossible not to get everything fried). Lunch with his aunt and uncle at Panera: I had a gigantic steak salad. Dressing on the side and I didn't even eat the whole thing. Fabulous. Then I crashed and burned at his dad's Christmas. There was spinach dip. Yum. I had a turkey sandwich, lots of spinach dip on corn chips. I ate until I was overly full. Clearly, this was a problem. But over all I did pretty good on the day and only had 2 cookies, which is pretty darn impressive for me.

Sunday I ate well all day, but Christmas Eve dinner, I crashed and burned. The Polish food proved too much for me. Yesterday was also pretty similar, I grazed all day. However, I never felt ill, which is good (yes, sadly, this has been a problem for me in the past). But, my pants are definitely too tight. I'm attempting to reform today and had I meal replacement bar for breakfast, and orange and string cheese for a snack and I'm having a meal bar for lunch. I know they aren't exactly healthy, but at this point I'm desperate to make my pants fit again. Oh and lots of water.

Also on the docket for today: exercise video. The good news is the respiratory crap seems to be almost gone, so I expect to be able to breathe normally again soon.

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