Thursday, December 28, 2006

Making a little bit of headway

I've been doing well the last couple of days. I limited myself to 4 cookies yesterday, which still seems like a lot, but the way I've been eating recently is really good. The other good news is that in eating better and having done my 2 new workout videos (balance ball toning workouts since I still can't seem to breathe that well) my "fat" pants are buttoning again, regular jeans still do not fit. After the incident on Christmas eve where I almost broke down in tears about my pants buttoning, this is good news. Plus I feel better about myself. Whenever I exercise, I feel thinner whether I am or not. Had a falling down this afternoon. It seems popcorn is a trigger food for me. I then ate 2 cookies and several caramel kisses and it sent me craving junk food (when I had been craving oranges).

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