Thursday, January 11, 2007

oooh stretchy

I just came back from pilates class and I have to say that I continue to enjoy pilates. I feel great after class and I don't have to sweat. I also enjoy the concentration it takes to do each move and making sure that my body is in alignment. I think this is why I loved my ballet class in college and why I like my ballroom dance class now. I like it when there's a "right" way to do things and I have time to focus on form. I may not be as good at rhythm as my husband, but I usually know when something feels wrong.

Eating continues to go well too. I feel accomplished that last night while watching tv Dustin was oohing and ahhing over all the fast food commercials and I was so not interested. Right now all I have a craving for is Chinese food and I'm going to attempt to make my own healthy version on Sunday. I've had some sweet cravings, but keeping mandarin oranges around seems to be keeping those at bay.

Boring update, but things are going well and I've lost another lb. I'm officially down 6 now to 177. Go me. But once again, I'm sticking with this because I feel great, have more energy and I'm not waking up tired in the morning.

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